Monday, April 4, 2011

Ten Months Old!

So... Yesterday, at 3:36pm to be exact, our sweet little princess was TEN months old! Oh my goodness!!! It goes by so, so fast... It's a blast!

I mentioned in my last post that we have family visiting from Chicago, so last night we all got together for a delicious steak dinner in Oneonta at my parents' house. With my wonderful sister Ashley's help, I attempted to capture a few Kodak moments to document Adelyn's big ten-month milestone. Here are some of the pictures we took:

Ooooooh, I just want to squeeze her!

In other news, I think I can now safely tell the world that my sister is going to have a baby!!! Adelyn is going to be a big cousin! And I am going to be an aunt! We are all so excited! Also, my sweet cousin Hannah is pregnant... Due in late September! (But that was already widely known... Has been for a while.) It seems there is something in the water in my dad's family. My Grandma Sarah (my dad's mom) will have had SIX new great-grandbabies between the time that Adelyn was born (June 3, 2010) and late October 2011! WOW!

Oh, and I almost forgot... We can now add "horsey" (or is it "horsie"?) to the list of words that Adelyn is saying! She was introduced to Thunder and Bye-Bye (my parents' horses) last night.

NCAA championship game is on... Pulling for the underdogs. Go Butler! My poor bracket was demolished a couple of weeks ago. How many days till football season?

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