Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beach Vacation

So I thought summer would be the perfect time for blogging, since there's so much fun stuff to do and blog about and take lots of fun pictures... As it turns out, I'm so busy doing fun stuff and taking fun pictures that there's no time left for blogging! It will probably take me a while, but I WILL catch up! So much has been going on lately! A trip to the beach, then Memorial Day, then Tyler and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary, then Adelyn's birthday was June 3, then Tyler's was June 4, which was also the day of their joint birthday party... All since the last time I had the time to sit down and blog! Life is so much fun right now! Crazy, but fun!

I may have to do separate posts for the different big events to fit it all in, so I'll start with the trip to the beach. Ashley and Phillip were able to go with us, which was fun and a big help to us with Adelyn. Tyler's mom bought a condo in Orange Beach, and we were able to take a 5-day vacation down to the gulf coast and stay there! It is super nice. She completely renovated it and installed granite countertops and tile throughout, and it looks like it was just built. It was so much fun taking Adelyn to the beach! She LOVES the water, whether in the ocean, the pool, or the bathtub. Even when the waves would splash over her head in the ocean, she would just laugh and smile and lick her lips to taste the salty water. Here's just a snapshot of her first "swim" in the ocean with Daddy and Uncle Phillip:
And playing in the pool with Mommy and Daddy:

She liked playing in the sand but would stay on her quilt if we sat her on it...And she really liked walking on the beach when she could find someone to hold her hand (usually Ashley)...
She took a nap on the beach every day while we were there... She even got to fly a kite for the first time!
And no trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast would be complete without a trip to the Original Oyster House (or Lambert's, but those pictures didn't turn out so great...)!Adelyn learned some new words while we were there, like "pool", "water", "clock" (there is a huge clock in the living room of Tyler's mom's condo), and "airplane". On the way home, I decided to make a list of the words that Adelyn says on a regular basis (not really counting words that she has said once and never again). I thought she was probably saying about 15 words, which I thought was great, since she was less than a year old. But when I actually wrote them out, the total was more than 30!!! And now, it's up to over 40 words that she says regularly. Whew!!! I knew she loved to talk, but I didn't realize just how much until I started keeping a list!

Anyway, as you can see, we had a wonderful pre-summer getaway and vacation from work! In closing, I'll leave you with some random beach photos that didn't make it in the body of the post! Happy Summer and God Bless! Enjoy...