Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catching Up

Busy weeks make for very little blogging time. I haven't even taken the time to take many pictures in the past couple of weeks. So... this will be just a catch-up blog.

What's new with us? Well, new things every day! EVERY day! Adelyn is now an expert crawler, who is just itching to walk on her own! She follows me from one end of the house to the other, just as fast as her sweet little hands and knees will take her, often with Monkey Bug in tow. She's always looking for something to pull up on so she can stand. She will stand for really long periods at the ottoman playing with the remote control. She even lets go sometimes, but she drops to her bottom when she wants to go somewhere else. But she wants to walk SO bad. She loves for someone, anyone, to hold her hands and let her walk wherever she feels compelled to go (usually to the door so she can go "outside").

Her vocabulary is still growing and expanding sooo quickly! She is learning new things all the time. (I can't remember exactly where we were the last time I posted, so forgive me if some of this info is a repeat.) She now knows where her toes are and says "toes". She can show you her dress and say "dress". She says "tree" and "grass". She knows where the TV is and where the moon is. She got a new toy duck and has learned to say "duckie". My parents have a cat at their house (he's actually my cat, named Fisher), and she thinks he is the grandest thing. When she sees him, she immediately squeals and says "kitty". Her Aunt Ashley even had her trying to say "chocolate" last night. I do believe this child is going to be a talker. She will attempt any word we try to get her to say. Any word, that is, except for "Mommy". Any time I try to get her to say "Ma-Ma", she very plainly says "Da-Da". Little stinker! I love her so much it's crazy... Oh, I just remembered! Another one of her favorite things to say is "E-I-E-I-O"! She loves Old McDonald Had a Farm... And when it gets to the chorus, she says her version of "E-I-E-I-O". It's the funniest thing. Her mouth takes on every shape humanly possible.

We are enjoying every minute of this parenthood thing. Adelyn is such a blessing from the Lord, and we are so thankful we have her on loan from her Heavenly Father for this sweet season of our lives.

I'll end with a few pictures. Happy Easter, all! Jesus is ALIVE!

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