Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's been almost two weeks since my last post, and so much has been going on. We have watched monster tornados completely devastate so many areas of our state (including Tyler's own stomping ground), we have survived Adelyn's very first real illness, we have made our first trip to the Children's Hospital Emergency Room, Adelyn has achieved a few more milestones (including passing the 11-month mark), and we celebrated my first "real" Mother's Day... And that's just hitting the highest of the high spots. And God has blessed us every step of the way.

While there are areas just two miles from our house that had major damage from the storms on April 27th, our yard and neighborhood remained virtually untouched. By 7:00pm, however, our yard was littered with receipts, personal documents, roofing materials, and a various assortment of other paper and plastic items originating in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas. It's amazing the force of a storm like that... The tornados followed paths that traveled just a few miles north and a few miles south of our little town, but we are counting our blessings that no damage was sustained here.

Our little Adelyn was 11 months old last Tuesday (the 3rd)! It is so hard to believe that in less than a month, she will be one year old! I continue to be amazed at the speed with which the milestones come and go! I can never recount all of the details of the last two weeks of bloglessness, but I can at least attempt to catch up...

Adelyn has become quite the speedy crawler, and she makes her way from one room in the house to another before I realize it sometimes. She is pulling up on everything, hence the E.R. trip mentioned above. While pulling up on a dining room chair, she slipped and busted her lip. Her lower lip was bleeding both inside and out, and it started swelling, and it appeared that her teeth had cut entirely through her lip. We took her to the E.R. to see if the cut would require stitches, but once it was cleaned, it was obvious that she had just bitten both the inside and the outside of her lip. The inside was deeper than the outside, but neither was significant enough to require stitches, thank the Lord! She came home with just a swollen and sore lip, but not before she had entertained the emergency room staff for a bit... Which brings me to my next point. Adelyn is definitely developing into a social butterfly! She waves and says "HEY!" to everyone in sight, even cars that pass on the street.

Her vocabulary continues to grow almost daily. Some of her newest words are "bath", "car", "eat", "go", "Jesus", and "Noah". She recognizes all of her toys by their names and can identify them among dozens of toys strewn about the living room floor. Her current favorites are MonkeyBug (of course), Judah (her lion), and her airplane that was sent to her from her Nana in Kentucky. But she also loves books of any kind. Her favorites right now seem to be "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and Dr. Seuss's "The Foot Book", but any book will do, really... Even the phone book. She loves looking at the books and turning the pages.

We're sure that walking is just around the corner, as she is now able to stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything. She loves standing and walking, and she does both as often as she can, although the walking still requires assistance. She is just itching to get up and do it on her own, but we've still got to work on that balanace.

My favorite thing that she does now, though, is praising Jesus. When we say, "Praise Jesus!", she lifts her arm(s) in the air and smiles her biggest smile. It's beautiful. One of my prayers for her, even when she was still in the womb, has always been that she will know Jesus from an early age, that she will be passionate about the Lord (a prayer I borrowed from my sweet friend Ruthie), and that she will be a true worshipper. I know that the Lord will be faithful to answer my prayers, and He is already working on them! He's so good.

I haven't taken as many pictures as I should have lately, but I will close with just a few! Have a great week!

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