Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's been a crazy few days since my last post... It was my long work week, plus my phone was stolen on Wednesday. I learned just how dependent we have grown on those little technological devices, that's for sure. I felt so lost during the 30 hours it took them to ship the replacement to my house. So glad I invested in a little insurance on my BlackBerry. They were able to recover most of my phone numbers, but some of them were missed somehow. The photos, however, were lost for good. Sad day... Tyler wasn't surprised that someone would steal a phone, but my mind just doesn't work that way. It would just never cross my mind that someone would want to steal a phone. I guess I'm glad I don't think that way.

Anyway, on to happier topics... Adelyn is enjoying trying new foods these days. She had her first pancakes this weekend and LOVED them! Yesterday morning I just shared my pancakes with her. She was licking her lips and loving the flavor (probably the syrup), and when I ran out, she said "BITE!" ...Which itself was another first, because she has never asked for a bite before. As much as she loves to eat, she just never asks for a bite. But the pancakes and syrup were enough to do the trick. So this morning, I cooked her a pancake of her own, cut it up in little bites and added a little bit of syrup, then let her feed herself off the tray on her high-chair. For the first time in a while, I had the camera ready for the occasion:

After breakfast, she helped her Daddy do some laundry:

And after all that hard work, it was time for a nap with Mommy:

Adelyn has a few new words since the last time, too... When she falls down or drops something, my mom always says "Oopsy-daisy", and being the little mockingbird that she is, Adelyn giggles and says "daisies!" She has actually started trying to say the "oopsy" part in the past couple of days, so it is starting to sound like the real deal. Haha! It's so funny to hear her say it. Also, she has officially put two words together to form a sentence. All day today she has been saying, "Hey Daddy" when she sees Tyler walk in the room. Sweet girl...

She loves her daddy and says his name all the time, but I know somebody who is slightly attached to her mommy:

She likes to follow me around the house and pull up on my legs when I am standing at the sink or the stove.

I can't believe her first birthday is only about half a month away! I've been planning away for her party for the past couple of weeks, but it's just so hard to believe that it's already that time! She was just born the other day... What happened? We have had so much fun!

Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is my wonderful little cousin Noah's 9th birthday! We went to his birthday party yesterday... A swimming party! And the high was only in the lower 70's. I was chilly just standing outside in my long sleeve shirt and blue jeans at times... But nine-year-old boys are tough! They were jumping in, jumping out, playing kickball, jumping back in the pool... I wish I had their energy... And their cold tolerance. Wow.

The Lowroses will be enjoying a little time away later this week, and we are so looking forward to a break from our busy schedules for a few days. I should be preparing for the trip, but blogging is more fun, right? I'll get to it... Later. Ha! Have a beautiful week!

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  1. Autumn so sorry about your phone! poor thing. i would be so upset if that happened to me. glad you got your replacement though. miss you and love you. let's catch up soon!